Does my boyfriend have paranoid schizophrenia??

hello,i really need some urgent help and advice.
3 years ago i met a guy and we fell in love with each other.He is an amazing person!!.But in the last year he someone else is in his body.
This is the signs that i see in him:
- He became really cold person,like he doesnt have any emotions.And he becomes angry very easily…even without any reason.He said he became a cold person since his grandfather died when he was only 10.My bf thinks that being cold is a sign of being strong person and that his god said he should be like this to protect himself of being hurt or become crazy.
But that is not the only problem that worries me.My bf told me some things that are not so normal and i that makes me really worried with him.
- He told me that he have 2 gods(Marduk and Enlil) that protect him and warn him when he’s in danger and that they saved him already in many situations.This gods are brothers.In 2009,he thought in commit suicide but “this gods” said that he should live because he have a special role in this world.(my bf’s words:” I only talked to Marduk and Enlil 2 times.They only gave hints, about what will happen in future. Especially Enlil said, that he will show up one day.And Marduk warned me of him(Enlil) and said, that I shouldnt join him. What do you think does it mean, if a god says:"Oh, dont worry with me, I always get my money's worth."If you ask him, what he wants in return for his help. I only know, that something will happen, that will make all other things follow, but I dont know when and what. I see myself as a liberator not as a suppressor.I feel different among Enlil.He makes me feel, kind of nervous, or under you take into the electric energy. I feel kind of excited, too.Hard to describe... but I feel different. Not calm and relaxed... more the opposite, but I'm not suffering, altough I heard that about some people, who felt very badly among him. :(Around Marduk i feel Calm and so on. he is more calm and not so offensive, like Enlil.But both are strong gods.Enlil (or one of his allies) seems to push energy into me.I really felt a lot warm.Enlil only talked to me 2 times in hypnosis.THe other underworld gods didnt say anything.Marduk talked to me 2 times in hypnosis as well.But only he and his brotherThe other gods didnt show up.Well and he only said, that he will show up, when time has come.And that I should be careful, because some people among me are not the ones, who they pretend to be.The warning about the people, was 4,5 years ago!”
- My bf also told me that he is having some visions and dreams since some time ago.His words:” Seems that I was in deeper levels of hell. Well, there are different areas in hell/underworld.I call them levels, other call it worlds or stages.It starts bad and turns worse.One of the upper levels, look like a burning XXL town. But there are worse things.For example a hole of the doomed or places of torture. Places there demons life, but also treasures with guards.You find the underworld gods' palaces on the lowest level. I got a hazy vision about it. I guess I was there in one of my past I was in the palaces I was there as a kind of guest. Enlil shew me some things, he has there.He shew me some tecniqual things. They have a very amazin tecniqual level as well. :OTecnique, that reminds to sorcerey. :D for example a machine, that was able to change all materials in all over ones. Or creams, that healed all kinds of injuries.”
He also had a vision/dream where he looked at mirror and saw a demon :( and in other he saw his parents killed and he didnt know who did this.
- he believes that an organization called “Councils-magic)planned his destroy since his parents met.And that this people can control everything:phones,computers,etc.And that their members watch him 24 hours per days.For him now everyone is his enemy. :(
His words:” Did you talk to Sheeba(my bestfriend) again?I told you: She belongs to them(councils), too.I'm 90% sure about that. I can feel, when someone has a quiet high rank in their lines. And I think something is weird about Kenneth(our common friend). There are 3 possibilities:1.) He knows higher members in councils, too. Or is even part of them or was sent.2.) He already knew about the thing, that was going on before I told him.3.) My family is one of the most famous ones in magic society, so everyone knows... At least he does what he does with their permission.About that I'm sure.Councils know, what we are talking about.I got some pics of people, I met in past from people, who cannot know them in normal way.But they do.I dont doubt about the existence of councils.Some people gave me hints years ago, that I remember now. I bet that he was used or sent by them.He isnt an important member, but he is linked to them in some way. how did he know about my family?My family lives in Germany.He lives in the US.How do members in the US know about people, who live in Germany?I dont know, how they(councils) chose their members.Probably by their family names.There were people in my past that are from them... you cant imagine how stupid they were. Well, I was friend with one of them.I helped them from the 5th grade to the 8th one.But it was simple too much difficult for himIn all lessons...Or other people, who made their exam with me.There were people, who were too stupid to answer simple questions and didnt say a word with 1 YEAR!Not 1 lesson, within 1 YEAR.And such people are the elite of the world?! We have a problem... really poor world... I want to free world of them. we will need help. And for now I only know 2 possible ways to get it.Both are gods:1 Enlil,1 Marduk.We need help from one of them. I dont want to know, how many people have to suffer and pay just for the gain of a few dozen families.-.-
I stopped believing in coindicendeces around 3 years ago.Did you ever heard about book "Zur Wahrheit" oder "Auf ein Wort"?Its a book, written by a council member. There are some truths in it, but also a lot of mistakes and desinformation.
I'm quiet sure, that Alicja(another friend of ours) is from them too.
- He feels wached and hunted.His words:” I know that councils check FB and other online supports.But untill now, I didnt find an account from what they do it.Either I didnt find it untill now or they do it without an accout.And I know, that someone of them must be watching us 24 hours a day.Its the only explanation how they could find out and erase things in front of my eyes, while I'm reading it...I lost one things, while reading it.I was reading it and zapp it disappeard. Now even a chat disappeard out of ICQ, but well at least nothing important. I loose friends, too. Only very less people still answer.3-5.Everyone in my life in past was fake except my parents.
More and more details from my past in this life come to my mind and now I know how it feels like to be watched like in a Big Brother show. :D
Great, now I'm shaking the first time for months...-.-With the cold feeling, you know?Although its 22-23°C in my room right now.Dont worry, who ever is close to us, wont harm us.I'm sure about that. :)
I'm losing contacts at FB, too. -.-
- He feels weird:empty and with ticklings or cold waves.His words:” you remember the cold waves (not the ticklings, I mean the waves), dont you?They increased again. :( But the waves are only for 1-2 seconds long, so not so long.But someone or something is there...
- New visions: “I got some visions, but I think, that gods wont do anything too big until now.
There was a confrontation between council on the one side and me and my supporting gods on the other one.We went to one of their meetings.I saw the hall and all the people.Then there was a fight.I guess its under the university of Cologne.There is an old mine.Only very less people know about it.I dont know, how big it is, but what I heard about it, it seems to be very big.In this moment 2 people introduced my home. -.-
I had some weird dreams only. But nothing clearly. :(Only so short and dark ones. :( Well, but I had a feeling of beeing haunted and watched there.”
- He started to accuse me of lying and make things in his back,althought i didnt.His words:” Did you send me a mail via twoomail?(i didnt). now I would like to know, what this means.” “Do you have multiple email accounts?Can you check the login history there, too?Did you ever use a fake profil in past? I mean did you ever use one? Did you recognise yourself under anoter identifiaction?did you ever recognise that some profils were blocked?That they still seemed to be there, but you werent able to show them up?I had this in past, too. :( “ “
He even asked for my facebook password and asked me about my email account in hotmail.He even told to a common friend that i’m from “councils” too. :(
Can someone tell me what is going on??A common friend said he have all the signs of paranoid squizophrenia but i thought that maybe it is just stress because of his university studies in law(he will end this year and will make the law exam in 2015).
Please,i really need help!!I’m so worried with him.I love him so much and i want my best to help him.I even said that i’m worried with him but he said he’s ok. :(

Hi Yuki, Paranoid

Hi Yuki,

Paranoid schizophrenia may be a possibility, but without more cultural / religious context and more information, it's very difficult to say. Another possibility (and understanding his cultural and religious background would help) is Delusional Disorder. I don't, however, think this is just due to stress, although stress can contribute to the development of a psychotic disorder in individuals predisposed to them.

I did some quick research. The two gods he mentioned are, in fact, ancient Mesopotamian deities. The book he mentioned is also a real book. As for the "council"; I've no idea if that is based on anything real or not.

If you could tell me his cultural and religious background, that would be helpful. Some religions and cultures do believe in visions, etc.

I'm not really sure by your description if he is truly having visual or auditory hallucinations; if he is, then schizophrenia would be the most likely diagnosis. Also, if his delusions are bizarre, then schizophrenia would be the most likely diagnosis. Whether or not a delusion is considered bizarre, though, depends a lot on cultural and religious context. Delusional disorder is ruled out when the person's delusions are bizarre.

How old is your boyfriend? (I'm assuming early to mid-20s since he's a university student who's close to taking law exams.) Also, does he have any family history of mental illness? And, another crucial factor: is there any chance he is using drugs? Some drugs and other substances cause paranoia, so the effects of any substances must also be ruled out.

Bottom line; I think it is very possible your boyfriend has schizophrenia or delusional disorder (I'd lean towards schizophrenia as the more likely possibility, but, without more context and information it's hard to know). This may be his first psychotic break, triggered by the stress he is under.

Either way, the first step is for him to be evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Unfortunately, he will likely not be at all willing to do this, because 1) he has not insight into his illness and 2) he is paranoid. Individuals with paranoid delusions are the most difficult to treat because they don't think they are ill and are suspicious of everyone's motives. So, unless he is a danger to himself or others (and, nothing you've written suggests that he is) he can't be forced into treatment (I don't know the laws of your country, but here in the U.S. that is the criteria that must be met to treat someone involuntarily.)

The best thing you can do to help him is to try to get him to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. If he is unwilling to do that, then you're going to be very limited in helping him (if this is schizophrenia, delusional disorder, or another psychotic disorder). Treatment typically involves antipsychotic medication, but it's very difficult to get someone with paranoid delusions to take medication voluntarily.

My heart goes out to you because it is heartbreaking to watch someone you love become so ill, and feel like there is little you can do. You may also try to get his family and closest friends to support you in trying to get him to have an evaluation. But, be aware that he may regard this as a conspiracy or plot against him, as you mentioned that he regards everyone as an enemy.

You might also contact a local mental health agency, or consult a psychiatrist or psychologist (who is familiar with your country's laws) to help you determine what you can do to help your boyfriend.

A couple other things to keep in mind; if this is schizophrenia, it is generally considered a lifelong illness. And the prognosis depends at least somewhat on how well people stick to their treatment. Some individuals with schizophrenia do very well with treatment and are able to lead relatively normal lives, but many really struggle, and that can really take a toll on their loved ones over time. Delusional disorder also doesn't always have the best prognosis, but individuals are often able to function relatively well outside the context of their specific delusion.

I hope something I've said is helpful, and hope that your boyfriend will at least have an evaluation. Once a diagnosis is made, then treatment options can be discussed. But getting him to agree to an evaluation is probably going to be a major obstacle. If he is unwilling, then you may have to make some serious decisions about this relationship. Just be cautious to not assume that this is a temporary thing that will eventually pass on its own. Based on what you've described, that is highly unlikely. That being said, he is very lucky to have your love and support.

Dr. Lane

Hi Dr. Lane First of all i

Hi Dr. Lane

First of all i would like to thank you for answer my comment.That means a lot to me.,
Well,i had a talk with my bf and i tried to make him some questions that can help somehow.
This was my questions and his answers(i hope it helps somehow):
1)When you say that you talk with Enlil and Marduk(his gods)….did you only heard his voices or you saw them too??And how their voices look like??(His Answer:” I saw them, too. Enlil a tall man with bear/sometimes a black fenix)and Marduk as a white and grey falcon.Enlil's voice sounds, loud, deep, strong, harsh and authoritarian. Marduk's voice sounds more "softly". Does you know about gods history? Does my information help you somehow?)
2)Did you ever have weird/scary/bizare visions/dreams??If yes,what you saw??(His answer:” Yes, I had 2 dreams. I was dumped in a dark, bottomless hole in underworld in one dream and in the other, a black fenix grabbed into my chest, black ranks came out of me and around me and I seemd to turn. Weird, huh? Any idea, what this could mean? I also feels hunted,watched and i even hear steps even without no one is there and voices whispering and noises on the wall too.And black shadows too. And also had a vision/dream where i looked at mirror and saw a demon :( and in other i saw my parents killed.And one where i felt hunted and watched.”)

3)Do you know if your grandfather was like you??I mean see or talk with gods,dreams,etc??(His answer:” I know, my grandfather was a sorcerer, too. I dont know, wether he talked to gods or had special gift, but I wouldnt be surprised to hear that. :D
But once when he was talking with me…i was around 9 i think…he used to come to my room and tell me stories.But one day,after he told me a story,he started to behave weird…he said:”i know you are always here!”and he looked to empty space like something or someone was there.And he looked not so happy!”)
4)Please if you see,hear or feel anything,tell me ok??I’m trying my best to help you.But i can only do that if we help each other!! Ok, honey?(His answer:” Sure, I will tell you. I only feel cold waves around 2-3 times per day and for 1-2 seconds. by the way, my computer was hacked, so if anything weird happens in my profiles dont wonder and tell me, ok?Dont let people break you. (flex)
My bf is 24 years old.He is studying law now but before he was in Biology and Medicine but he changed degree because he got scared when teachers shown them a crazy hospital.he got scared of seeing people chained to beds.(He said this:” “First i stdied Biology then I studied medicine for 2 Semesters and made an intership in a crazy hospital.I didnt like it. Therefore I stopped.The Anatomics course... it was kind of shock for me. And I wanted to become a psychiatric. But after my intership I saw, that this is not the right job for me.i saw esquizofrenic people :-(Did you also see, how people were bound on beds?”)
- Does he have any family history of mental illness?
Well,he told me that his mother goes to a psyquiatric because of anxious problems.And he went to one too because he had a skin problem since little and had to make some pealings and that messed a lot with his self-estime.But he said that now his skin problem is ok so he dont need it anymore.And there is his grandfather too as you can see in one of my questions to him:
- is there any chance he is using drugs?
No,my bf is not a drug addict.He dont even smoke and drink is very rare.But he was taking a medicine for anxiety because of his skin problem in past.It was a medine called “Alprazolam” but he stopped to take it.Nowadays he dont take it anymore,for 1 year or more.
Cultural:He was born in Germany so his culture is german.He was born in a normal big family.He’s a own child.He dont have any brothers or sisters.His mom is german and father is dutch. His father is a mechatronic technician and his mother a law officer.He loves a lot his parents.They travel a lot together.
-Religious background:He said he though in join Catholic religion in past but he gave up. He is atheist.
-As i told you before,my bf became really cold person,like he doesnt have any emotions.
This shown again when i asked him this questions:
1)Would you like to live with me right now if i can get an appartment or flat?(His answer:” In Germany it is usual to stay in your home untill you finished education. So untill I go to university, I probably wont leave home and I dont have the money for this either. Is it different in Japan or Portugal?”)
2)Would you like to have me there with you??(His answer:” If you mean to have you in home, please have a look at my answer 2. If you mean around me in the same town, like the other people, who are important for me, yes. But I know, that it will become difficult for you to get a flat... our "friends(The organization called councils that he believe is hunting us and watching us)" are watching us and will probably try to prevent this. Do you understand now, why I insist so much on this issue? I hope I didnt hurt you. :( “)
3)Would you like to go to the love padlock bridge with me?? (His answer:” You mean the bridge in Cologne? :D Yes, but it will be repaired soon, so we will have to wait, but yes I want to. :) “)-he kind of lied because i heard that u can go by foot to this bridge even if is being repaired.
4)Can we give hands when we see each other?? (His answer:” Sure”).
As you see he is cold and seems to not trust me ;( even if i do everything for him always.I even stopped to think in myself.In this moment what matters to me is his health and he being happy.
About convince him to see a doctor will be very hard because he dont trust no one and he even said that he’s ok..he’s not sick. :( Although he admitted that maybe he’s a little paranoid.
Yes,it really is painful for me to see him suffering and i feel so useless. :( I feel like my heart breaks everyday,especially when he is mean or cold with me.I cry every night until i sleep.
I can try to talk with friends or family..i’m just scared that they tell him and he will think that i’m controlling him.
I know that if is is a illness for a life time.I know 2 people with Squizophrenia so i know it is a long road.
I wish he could see how lucky he is to have me..the first girl who really cares for him a lot and do everything for him.He liked 4 girls before but was rejected so i’m his first gf.He thought in kill himself in 2009 because of his skin problem and not have a gf in that time and bullying too…was a lot to him.
Thank you.

Hi Yuki, I appreciate the

Hi Yuki,

I appreciate the additional information. It was a bit hard to follow, partially due to language issues, and partially because I wasn't always sure when you were interjecting your own thoughts and when you were quoting him.

That being said, I think it is very likely that your boyfriend is psychotic, and paranoid schizophrenia is the most probable diagnosis based on everything you've described. However, if he is functioning well in school and in general, that isn't typical for someone with untreated schizophrenia. However, his ability to function normally may gradually diminish. Again, an evaluation is imperative to determine a diagnosis and the best course of treatment.

This statement: "I also feels hunted,watched and i even hear steps even without no one is there and voices whispering and noises on the wall too.And black shadows too." strongly suggests paranoid schizophrenia. Also, his age fits within the most common age range for the onset of schizophrenia in males.

As for you, I encourage you to ask yourself why you want to be in a relationship with someone you describe as "really cold" and "mean" to you. That certainly isn't a healthy relationship. You also said he lied to you. If someone treats you like that, and you keep hoping that he is going to "see how lucky he is", you are going to be very disappointed.

He has made it clear he thinks he is "okay", which means he is probably never going to seek professional help. And you can't help someone like that. In fact, if you keep trying to do everything for him (another sign of an unhealthy, one-sided relationship), you'll be enabling him and that won't help anything.

I understand your concern for your boyfriend, as he sounds very ill and will likely continue to decompensate without treatment. In the meantime, don't you deserve someone who loves you and treats you with respect, kindness, caring and warmth, not to mention, someone with whom you can have a future? That's the question you need to ask yourself. You can't have a healthy relationship with someone who's emotionally cold, out of touch with reality, and unable or unwilling to get the help he needs. And there's really nothing you can do to help him if he doesn't want (or think he needs) help.

I hope something I've said is helpful, and I truly hope your boyfriend will get the help he needs.

Dr. Lane

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