Re: Masturbation is a gift of God. Bible verses taken out of context.

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Posted by Daniel on August 18, 2002:
In Reply to: Masturbation is a gift of God. Bible verses taken out of context. posted by on August 18, 2002:
I can't agree with you more. People who take the time to build the foundation of their Christian lives and worship by spending time reading the Bible outside of church would know that masterbation is simply wrong. "A gift from God"? Come on!!!! It's too bad that churches have become so apostate that the members do not know the basic do's and dont's of Christianity. Especially the young ones. The Bible plainly teaches extencively that the flesh, as difficult as it can be to fight off, can be overcome by simply allowing the Holy Spirit to control your life through study and prayer which results in wisdom, understanding, love, peace, joy, longsuffering, faithfulness, meekness, strength, hope on so on. You have to stick to the basics and just trust God and have faith by making an effort to improve through the Holy Spirit. You won't win all the time because we are human but we can win a lot of battles. What thoughts inspire or cater to masterbation? Lust. What does a person think about before they do "the act" or while they are doing it? The act of fornication or adultry isn't just physically having sex with a person, it is the act of thinking about it. Sins take place in THE MIND TOO. God also says 'thou shalt not kill.' Did you know that hating someone is the same as killing them in Gods eyes?? It's all written in ink in the Bible people. Learn to understand it and stop changing the meaning to suit your own desires and emotions/feelings. God gave us the freedom of our Christianity yes, but he also gave us guidelines to follow because humans are natural idiots and must be lead like sheep. You can't just accept the part of the Bible that explains salvation then just throw the rest out the window. There are fundamental (Oh I said a bad word didn't I?) truths in the Bible that you can't compromize. The fact that people are discussing this stupid common sence issue in a forum is the direct result of the compromize of Bible doctrine and teachings in Churches. If you go to the zoo you can find lots of monkeys in cages playing with themeselves if you want with no concience envolved. They do it all the time they don't care. We are not monkeys but Gods chosen. We are humans with complex emotions. We might be ignorant of a lot of things but we do have Gods Word, the Bible, and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. Can you people understand that? Do you think God is not powerful enough to help you excersize self control if you asked for His help???? Anyone who says they have never masterbated would be lying. BUT!! Simply bending truth to justify it is moronic in nature and displays spiritual immaturity.

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