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Posted by Gigi on April 3, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: Depo Provera Class Action posted by Stephanie Locricchio on July 5, 2000:
There are so many places we can go to and things to do to amuse ourselves; I am so sorry "Julie Cally" has chosen to direct her free time and feeble attempt at humor here. I implore the managers of this site to delete her shallow, insensitive entry as soon as possible out of respect for people who are truley seeking solace here.
Anyone considering this shot should make themselves well aware of the range of bizarre potential side effects. And be aware, this drug was originally developed to chemicly castrate sex offenders. Hello.
I am a capable, focused, competent woman. I was very much in controll of my life, well directed in my career, an independent home owner, and have never claimed a day of "PMS" in my life. I got two shots of Depo in 1999, and am still trying to work my way through the grips of its effects. I could go on for pages about the depths to which this decision has damaged me physically, emotionally, and professionally. Some of the watershed of difficulties and humiliation I've endured include having to bring in a note to work from my gynocologist in offering of some vague explination of my bizzare birrage of problems; I have endured weight gain, panic attacks, fainting episodes, memory loss, severe depression to such a degree death would have been preferable, peroid loss, then hemmoridging, and as I write this, over year since my last shot, I have been bleeding every day for 4 months. I have since met one other woman in my area who can also attest to experiencing all of these same problems, and also being an soley reliable on her own self support, had to go on prozac in attempt to get mentally back on track.
In one attempt to seek help, one therapist just scoffed at my struggle. He said well of course I'm having problems, what else could one possibly expect in attempt to chemicly reprogram your brain and body and I should be prepared to ride it out. Needless to say, this left me feeling more crazed and helpless than ever.
Could there possibly be any greater devastation on the horizon? For me, the answer is yes. There will ever loom the prospect for problems with fertility. And after considering all of the above, it seems to me, that futher reproductive health concerns are emininent.
Understand that I gain nothing by this submission, no underlying motive, no profit of any sort. Please please please understand that many of the effects are intangible, can not be measured or gauged in any way, and therefore, are not taken seriously by many in the medical community.
Please, seek second or third opinions before taking this injection, and consider shorter term altertatives.
This is a long term injection into your body, it CAN NOT be flushed out.

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