Re: Anyone here know much about PANDAS?

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Posted by mercy on May 9, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: Anyone here know much about PANDAS? posted by fragments on May 8, 2002:
>>  I have been a visitor to this board since January when my son was diagnosed with OCD/& possibly Tourettes (hard to diagnose) right now. He is 9 years old. I have been reading articles pertaining to the possibly connection between strep & OCD. He also had bacterial spinal menigitis at 15 months and later a leg atrophy problem stemming from the menigitis. When he was 3-5 years old we had a problem with the hand washing, then symptoms went away till last year, when he started having recurring thoughts about God & Satan. Then a small vocal tic appeared and that's when we took him to a neurologist who diagnosed him with OCD. He has been on 100 mg of Luvox a day since December and has had no recurring thoughts, except that he must tell me the truth about everything & if someone does something wrong he feels that he must tell me what they did or said. I have had to learn to keep my mouth closed! Which is hard, but he feels betrayed if I tell another mother what her child has done or question the action from another child. Did you ever have this problem with your child? Just curious. Anyway, we go to the doctor Monday & I'll be asking the doctor about the connection between strep & OCD.

Hi when I was younger I had to always say "I think" or "maybe" or "probably" after everything I said or else I thought what if I lie and was very afraid I guess that something bad would happen if I didn't say these phrases, of course it was early signs of ocd and then there was no where the info. out there that is there now on ocd so it was just considered a bad habbit of mine. I also felt that if I had done anything wrong or had a "bad thought" that I had to tell my mother and by telling her it relieved alot of stress and anxiety because she was so sure to tell me that I was not weird or "crazy" my guess is that your child feels like he can tell you these things that plague him and you will make it seem better, so my advice is just love him inspite of the awfulness of thoughts that he may have that are related to ocd.
Can you please post what his religious thoughts are I am 23 almost and have had this ocd for along time since about 6 yrs old and whern I was little I had some odd religious thoughts and was just curious if they were alike in any way.
My heart goes out to you and yours and especially him/her I have been a child with ocd and I know the pain but I truly believe that I have become a greater person from having this ocd and I hope that he will realize that he is not alone.

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