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Posted by fragments on May 9, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: Anyone here know much about PANDAS? posted by mercy on May 9, 2002:
Ellie - thanks for your response. I did forget to tell you that my son also had a lot of strep infections. Every time he had a bad sore throat he could tell you it was strep. And sure enough he always tested positive. It's nice being able to talk with both parents of OCD children & people with OCD. We're fortunate that we'll be able to have information readily available to help us help our children.
Mercy - Thanks also for your input on the religious thoughts. My son would tell me that God & Satan would be talking to him. Satan would always tell him to say hateful things (Like "Say you hate your mother" or "Say that you want to hurt your teacher"), satan also said to say bad words & that my son should say he hated God because he(satan) ruled the world. Now GOD stepped in (I am a Christian) and He and his angels apparently tried to set my son straight. My son even described descriptions of angels. And even said that GOD spoke to him saying that he had given the angel now known as Satan a second chance to come before him and say he was sorry for what he had said about GOD. But then GOD said "Satan was jealous and convinced other angels to go with him, saying he was more powerful than GOD" GOD then threw him from heaven and a battle of angels ensued. The descriptions my son gave were incredible. He begged me to take him to a Christian doctor, not a non-believing doctor. So I asked our pediatrician for a doctor. She referred one & off we went. He had battled with these religious thoughts for months & I could only pray & cry with him. It was like a huge fight going on in his head. Now this was before he was diagnosed with OCD, but when the doctor saw him and listened, he first had to determine if my son was hearing voices or if they were thoughts. That's hard to do with a 6 year old. But they determined that they were thoughts and said it was like he had OCD...ding, ding Mom, that's what his pre-school teachers had said about his hand washing, but it had gone away, so we didn't think about it anymore. I do journal, so I did keep accurate records of what he said. I sure hope heaven is as he describes it, because everyone who goes there will love what they've gone on to....By the way we then went to a doctor who specialized with OCD and was a religious man. That was very important to my son.

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