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Posted by Jay on May 12, 2002:
In Reply to: Going To Hell posted by Ken on May 12, 2002:
In regards to a previous post of mine for readers who might not expect me to reply here, I haven't gone to the Ukraine yet. That's tommorrow. Given my background and current experience I would be remiss if I didn't reply here.

First of all, about the masturbation thing. I hope this doesn't send you into an obsessive spin, but my bottom line advice is this: don't do it. Back in the 1980's I got addicted to it (something I've revealed before here, so I'm not ashamed to say). My addiction is actually what led to my OCD, or at least was partially responsible. I put so much junk into my brain for years from fantasizing during masturbation that when I broke with the habit in 1989 my brain couldn't let go. It literally was addicted to negative thought patterns, and the collapse of this and other problems was so quick that it could not deal with the revolutionary changes. But that doesn't mean I should have continued. Masturbation was partly to blame to begin with, and I should never have started.

Masturbation is a sin because it violates two things: yourself and the person you are fantasizing about. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and a man's seed is not created to be spilled on the floor. It can be harmful to the brain because the fantasizing can overstimulate the sex drive, resulting in sexual addiction and anxiety problems. Secondly, you mentally violate the person you are fantasizing about. If a person is married, the sin is compounded if the fantasy object is someone other than the spouse. The humanity of the person is not respected; they are viewed solely as an object of gratification. I say all this not as a person who is judging you; I say it as a person previously guilty of this sin about 1000 times before I came to my senses about it.

You should not be afraid to go to Confession, even about sins like this. I did it, and my case I would bet money was far worse than yours (if you doubt this, you don't know my case!) The priest, if they have been one for several years, has likely heard it all, short of anybody confessing to murder anyway.

Try researching different local parishes if you can to find an appropriate Mass time that fits into your schedule. About the priest crisis, I follow public issues pretty closely, and I would also bet money that the media is blowing it up out of proportion. Not saying that the cases aren't serious, but like I've said on the political boards there are far more pedophiles in regular society than there are in the priesthood. I grew up Catholic and was many times alone with priests as a boy, and I find it interesting how none of what is being heard ever came close to happening with any of them. It would have been considered a joke or insane.

But that's off the subject. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you about going to Hell. A good priest from India once told me it is very hard to get into Hell. You have to be very bad for this. And try to educate your counselor. Get him a book on OCD (to borrow). Show him what it's all about. You'll probably be helping out someone else somewhere down the line if you do.

Well, it's off to the Ukraine tommorrow to hopefully find love. I hope things work out with this woman I met in Russia last year. Again, see you guys in a few weeks!


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