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Posted by please dont worry on May 12, 2002:
In Reply to: Going To Hell posted by Ken on May 12, 2002:
>>  I understand completely where you are coming from. When my obsessions began, I was afraid that I would 1) commit my obsessions and 2) if I did, God would be "mad" at me. I was born and raised Catholic, and I love the church. I will say, that it is difficult and embarrassing to describe the obessions (I also have obsessions of hocd and various other sexual obsessions) we have to others, especially members of a church/clergy. However, one of the best things I did this year was talk to a nun at my church about what I was going through. She not only understood completely, she also helped me with various prayers and told me that my obsessions are a part of my disease and DO NOT reflect who I really am. It helped me a lot to hear that from someone who is so relgiously dedicated. I will tell you that even though I have not talked to a priest about my current situation, just by telling someone like our churches' sister really helped me. And beleive me, even though you fear what they might think of you, you'll be surprised how much they can help you too. Don't worry, THEY WILL NOT JUDGE YOU!
God Bless and Good Luck!

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