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QuestionDear Dr. Williams grizzly70031 week 6 days ago
QuestionHow can i tell the diffrence from hocd and being bisexual or a gay in denial? carmine13 weeks 4 days ago
QuestionI discovered that my son of 25, has a Sado Maso relation with his boyfriend, in fact he is a slave. I am totally shocked, discouraged. What should I do? LostFather13 weeks 4 days ago
Questionhi im 18 with depression no friends dont speak to my family much and no job with no expirence i have up and down days but mostly down please help daisy123413 weeks 4 days ago
QuestionMy marriage has been on rocks for 2 years since i was pregnant. I am depressed and feel like crying for small things.I dont eat food nor take care of myself.I became lazy in evry thing i do.I feel like ta loser. I had to quit a job. I was top in academics Haseena14 weeks 5 hours ago
Questioni cant remember all.its ruining everythin.what do i do ragini14 weeks 3 days ago
QuestionI'm always feeling so tired, stressed and have no concentration. I find myself having little interest in studying even when I know it's really important but just can't find the energy. What should I do, I can't go on like this? Amariyah24 weeks 3 days ago
QuestionI have major trust issues? I get very paranoid, anxious and sometimes feel sick of not being able to trust especially in my relationship. How do I deal with this? It is becoming a real problem! Mali35 weeks 3 days ago
Questioni have a girlfriend the lives a couple states away, she has depression problems her doctors think its bipolar and their only treatment when she goes to anyone for help is send her home with drugs or try and admit her to an asylum and i try to help Dustin15 weeks 5 days ago
QuestionRegarding Brain Problems aashishthakran25 weeks 5 days ago
QuestionI have been almost alone since my childhood, now after 20 years of this lonliness, i start being negative for the things around me..i cry thinking about the things which have not actually happened..,.i recall my past and cry lots..please help me! Aparajita46 weeks 2 days ago
Questioni dont like doing things around people like cleaning when my husband is home or projects at school that take me out of my studio. I dont have problems relating to people otherwise. Am I just procrastinating? I work fine when im alone. tialla16 weeks 2 days ago
Questionhow do i know if im a gay???? nickyxvxv16 weeks 2 days ago
Questioni dont want to care for some people because thay dont care for me.. but i just dont no how to do that because they r my family .members. but i really want to be the kind of person who doesnt give a damn about what anyone thinks about her. lawson17 weeks 3 days ago
Questionim 17 yrs old and i bite and pick at the skin around my fingernails everyday and i also sometimes bite the inside of my cheek and my lip but not as often as my fingernails i just wanted to know does this mean i really have a disorder? susiex317 weeks 5 days ago
QuestionMy son is 13 and has OCD. He has been taking fluoxetine for about 2 years. He is currently at 40mg a day. I have been told by several people that prozac is not the greatest drug. What is the best drug to treat OCD. Kelly56937 weeks 6 days ago
QuestionCompulsive chewing in traumatic brain injury addiefields48 weeks 1 day ago
QuestionMy 25 year old daughter still sucks her thumb! Is this a treatable disorder? Lorrie4718 weeks 2 days ago
Questionim 16 and ive been suffering from some of the symptoms of depression but im not sure im really depressed is there a way of knowing for sure without involving my parents and school beatlegirl3319 weeks 10 hours ago
QuestionHow do I know if I have BPD? Is there any text I can make? Maria19 weeks 1 day ago
Questioni had depression in 1998. after 3 years i got recovery fully from the depression . 2nd depression period was 2004 . i got merried i am completely overcome now.and my life is happy ,is there any chance of another depression period?i was so worried in past asha19 weeks 2 days ago
Questionmy mother thinks people are stealing from her home and taking her stuff and using her things shower iron phone ect this is the 3rd home it is happening and she is convinced they are getting in does anyone know what this could be and to get help for this manutd19 weeks 5 days ago
QuestionI believe I may have bipolar II. Is it posssible to live a normal, healthy life without pharmaceutical tx if I accept this and live a life making decisions keeping in mind that I have this disorder? P.S. I am not a risk to myself or others. Tim3110 weeks 11 hours ago
Questionhi i m a girl n recently i have lost my only sister!! n i am not able to sleep n think about her all the time. i cry for her n it seem dat i will never come out of it. .Its been almost 1 n half month but this is geeting worse. i read jounal related to sp khushboo110 weeks 11 hours ago
Questionnot sure if I have depression/anxiety or effects of a drama filled life? I feel a deep sense of being tired all the time, I am sad more often that not, I worry about everything, and I cry almost everyday (for 2yrs now), I am scared of doctors..need help Angel110 weeks 3 days ago

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